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Unique ideas for wedding food

Posted by Rhoda Brain

Everyone wants to make sure their wedding is one to remember for both the happy couples and the guests, and a huge part of the day is the food that’s served. The food on your special day should represent your tastes as a couple, and also can be an opportunity to highlight your passions and interests. When planning food for your wedding, you want to be sure you work with a caterer who understands your expectations on the day and can help you come up with a unique, personalised menu perfect for your big day. With so many amazing places to generate food inspiration, from travel to street food stalls, you should aim high when designing your wedding food menu. Below we’ve listed out some unique ideas for inspiration for your bespoke wedding menu.


Not only is this dish a wonderfully tasty meal to serve at your wedding, it can look aesthetically so impressive too. Catering for all your guests, you can serve a variety of paella, adding or removing any ingredients you wish. Cooking up a few platters of this stunning Spanish dish is sure to delight your guests. It’s suitable for guests from young to old and can be served as the main event, or as an evening top up after your main menu earlier in the day.

Not only is paella totally delicious and satisfying, it also gives off a fantastic aroma. Paired with ice cold beers, or cut through with champagne or prosecco, this is a delicious addition to any wedding menu.

Vintage afternoon tea

Depending on the time of your wedding, serving afternoon tea straight after your ceremony can delight your guests before serving the main wedding food as an evening meal. Afternoon tea filled with a variety of cakes, sandwiches and sweet treats works really well for guests, especially if they’re sitting on a table of mixed guests, where they can spend time having a light bite to eat and getting to know each other.

Serving your afternoon tea on beautiful china crockery with pastel colour designs can be worked into your themed colours, making a really appealing set up as guests enter your reception venue. The savoury section of the afternoon tea works great served with champagne or prosecco, with the sweet section served with tea or coffee in delicate china cups.

Around the world in 80 days

If you and your partner have travelled or have a particularly special place you share as a couple, why not theme your wedding food around it to bring back memories of your trip? Making the food personal to you as a couple will help your day to feel even more special. If you have travelled to a number of places, why not introduce your guests to dishes from a number of countries from your starters to your dessert, working with expert bespoke caterers will help to ensure your dishes work together, no matter what you choose? Consider including photos or memories from your trips with each dish to make the meal even more special for you and guests.


Consider the drinks you serve throughout your day, too. Non-alcoholic fruit juices are becoming ever more popular, and especially on hot days are extremely refreshing. Prosecco and champagne are popular drinks to serve at a wedding, but if you want to do something a bit different, why not create your own bespoke cocktails to serve on your big day, with ingredients or names which mean something to you? Craft beer is also becoming an increasingly popular drink of choice – so having a selection to serve to your guests on your special day can go down a treat!

If you are full of ideas but have no idea how to translate them into a working menu that will delight your guests, why not contact Parsnip Mash to understand more about our bespoke wedding catering service?